5 December 2023

RoboForm Review

Do you have dozens of even hundreds of passwords to remember? Can’t remember them all? Or Worse! You’re using the same username and password for all your accounts? Leaving you vulnerable to a hacker creacking any one of your accounts, only to get access to all your stuff? You’re not alone!

We’ve been pretty impressed with RoboForm and give it a 9/10 rating.

RoboForm is a simple, user friendly password manager to solve your password memory issues. You only need to remember one password. With 2 factor authentication, you’re doubly protected, so hackers can’t get in.

RoboForm uses state of the art 256 bit encryption. Storing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of passwords is easy with RoboForm. While it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of some of the other password managers out there, you probably won’t need them and would be better off saving a couple of bucks a month.

Use it Anywhere

RoboForm works on any device and in all the most popular browsers. Sync’d to the cloud, even your newest passwords are available on all devices virtually immediately.

Use RoboForm instead of Bookmarks

If you’ve created a login, simply search in RoboForm for your desired website. Roboform will not only load the webpage, but it will populate the username and password, then submit the form to get you logged in.

Auto-generate your Passwords

Auto-generate super secure passwords, they’ll be long and complex, but you won’t care because you never need to remember or type a password ever again. If you don’t want to auto-generate these super strong passwords, then simply add in your own password choice. Personally I just go with auto generate.

Automatically insert Username and Password

RoboForm will automatically detect the page you’re on and insert both you username and password into the login page.

Automatically Record Username and Password for new sites

RoboForm will detect that you’ve created a new account and create a record for you. This information is automatically stored and sync’d to the cloud, ready for your next login, from whichever device you choose.

Add Safenotes – emergency access to vital information

Add simple notes, as text into your RoboForm account. This might include information that you might need in an emergency, such as a passport number. Imagine you’ve lost your passport and you’re trying to prove your identity in a foreign country. All you need is internet access and your RoboForm password to access this vital information.

Individual, Family and Business Options Available

Family and Business versions are available with more advanced features such as centralised management and password sharing. There’s even options where you can allow people in your team to use passwords without them ever knowing what the password is.